Linkin Park Underground Tour 3/15/2003

Pulled this one out of an old CD-RW of scanned 35mm film images. Only a handful of these are any good to my own photographer standards but I figured other Linkin Park fans would get a kick out of looking at 15 year old concert photos. And only one photo from the meet & greet because I barely got through talking to Mike Shinoda before my brain lost all function and forgot the ability to take photos while meeting the rest of the band lol

One of my favorite concert queue memories was when the tourbus rolled in to the parking lot around the corner and a bunch of the fanboys in line went chasing after it while us girls just stood there looking at each other like “aren’t WE supposed to be the stereotypical crazy fans that chase after tourbuses?!” lol

And then a crew guy left the door to the club ajar so those of us near the front of the line got to hear the soundcheck (some even snuck inside shhhh) and got to hear Chester’s screaming rendition of Happy Birthday to Joe Hahn.

Linkin Park
LPU Tour
The Quest Club
Minneapolis, MN
March 15, 2003

Click any image to view larger. Feel free to post these images on fansites/twitter/etc just PLEASE don’t remove my tag. I’d also love it if you linked back to this website.



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