Adam Lambert in Vegas 2016

And now here’s my second photo blog from my Week of Adam. As fantastic as the Denver show was, Vegas is hands down the best Adam Lambert concert I’ve ever been to, period. General Admission crowds are just at a whole ‘nother level of awesome! We arrived to the queue at 9:30am, and ended up being the only ones in line for regular GA until almost 2pm! Unfortunately there were over 200 (!!!) Early Entry VIPs for this show, so in the end I was still 3 or 4 rows back. I lucked out as everyone in front of me was shorter than me (perks of being a 6 foot tall chick I guess lol) but still. Someday, Adam. Someday I will finally get to see you from the front row.

As I already mentioned on the Denver post, feel free to post these images on fansites/twitter/etc just PLEASE don’t remove my tag. I’d also love it if you linked back to this website.

Adam Lambert
The Original High Tour
April 1, 2016
The Foundry
Las Vegas, Nevada

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