Centennial Trail: Legion Lake Bypass Loop


The Centennial Trail #89 got its number from the year of South Dakota’s statehood, 1889. Construction of the 111 mile long trail began in 1989 in celebration of the state’s 100 year anniversary. The trail begins in the prairie grasslands near Bear Butte State Park and travels southward into the Black Hills forest until it reaches Wind Cave National Park near Hot Springs.

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Creature Feature – Caribou


Rangifer tarandus
Range: Canada, Alaska, Greenland, Northern Europe, Northern Asia
Height: 30–60 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 130–600 pounds
Lifespan: up to 20 years

Caribou inhabit the tundra and boreal forests in Canada, the northern United States, Europe, and Asia. In Europe and the Russian Far East caribou are kept in herds and used for meat, fur, and milk. Tame caribou pull sleighs and carry loads. In Europe caribou are called reindeer. In the United States a small domesticated type of caribou is called a reindeer.

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