Linkin Park Minutes To Midnight – 02/13/2008

And here we have what is quite possibly the best series of concert photos I have ever taken. This show also marks my first time working a Linkin Park concert with Music For Relief. There’s 50+ photos here so be patient is this loads slow.

Linkin Park
Minutes To Midnight Tour
XCEL Energy Center
St. Paul, Minnesota
February 13, 2008

Click any image to view larger. Feel free to post these images on fansites/twitter/etc just PLEASE don’t remove my tag. I’d also love it if you linked back to this website.

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Reptile Gardens – August 2016

Had a great time visiting Reptile Gardens last week. Love their bird show! I was also very lucky and was in the dome as they were feeding the snake collection. After watching the keeper dodge two black mambas as they lunged at him I don’t envy that job at all. That being said, I do have a couple photos of snakes going to town on mice/rats, so if that’s not your thing proceed with caution.

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