Denver Zoo – March 2016


While in Denver last month I spent two days at the Denver Zoo. I highly recommend a visit if you’re ever in the Denver area. Founded in 1896 some areas, such as the feline building, are a bit old school zoo design and feel a bit cramped. But other exhibit spaces are modern and very spacious. In fact the elephant habitat is said to be one of the largest in the world!

Out of the eight zoo’s I’ve visited so far I’d rank Denver Zoo a close second to Minnesota Zoo. Mostly because of (besides sentimental reasons) ease of navigation. While Minnesota Zoo has easy to navigate loop trail systems, at Denver Zoo you have to do some doubling back and exploring of every nook and cranny to not miss anything. I’ve now visited Denver Zoo three times and only on the most recent visit discovered a kea parrot exhibit tucked away into a previously unnoticed corner.


Because I love seeing the unusual animal species, my favorites at this zoo were the fossa, okapi, elephant shrew, aye-aye (SO worth the extra ten minutes of your day to allow for eyes to adjust to the nocturnal darkness!) and the previously mentioned kea. I also really enjoyed observing the recently born bongo calf Fern. While I was there Fern had discovered a cottontail rabbit hanging out in the exhibit and was very cute and curious following the rabbit all around.

Technically not part of the zoo but also worth noting was the HUGE nesting colony of double-crested cormorants on the lake visible from the southwestern section of the zoo’s property. Spent just as much time watching them fly overhead with twigs and other nesting materials as I spent watching any of the actual zoo animals.

A few of my favorite photos from the trip. Click any photo to view larger.

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