How To – Recycled Christmas Light Jewelry


It’s again that time of year to pull out the Christmas decorations. Find yourself with a strand of burnt out Christmas lights? Instead of just throwing them away here’s an easy way to upcycle them into fun DIY holiday jewelry.

Items needed:
• Christmas lights
• 6mm jump rings
• earring hooks
• necklace chain
• necklace clasp
• thumbtack
• pliers
• jewelry glue

1. This first step is optional, but I find it easier if I first remove the bulb portion from the plastic holder piece on top. That way you don’t have to worry about damaging the bulb while you work.

2. Use a thumbtack to create a hole in the center of the plastic piece. It does take a little bit of force to get through. I found it easiest to push through half way then flip the piece over and push from the other side, meeting in the middle.


3. Grab a jump ring and carefully pry it open with you pliers; just wide enough to fit over the top of the plastic. It’s much easier with a pair of jewelry pliers, but I’ve done it with just one regular ol’ set of household needlenose pliers and it’s totally doable.

4. Match up the ends of the ring with the holes you made and carefully squeeze closed. Be extra cautious during this step as it’s very easy to squish the ring flat. If you mess up it’s a good thing jumps rings cost like .001 cents each, right? lol


5. Pop the bulb back on. For a cleaner look remove the two little wires and secure with a dab of jewelry glue on the inside.

6. To make earrings take whatever style of earring clasp you prefer (I’m using a simple French hook) and attach to the jump ring. Easy peasy!

7. For a necklace grab some necklace chain, cut to desired length, string on the bulb, and attach the necklace clasp to the ends of the chain to finish it off. If you’re feeling real fancy you can even take a short length of chain and attach several bulbs, creating a fun cluster piece.

Tada! Now go forth and enjoy your holiday festivities in your fun new homemade accessories!

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