Minnesota Zoo – July 2017

As always a trip to Minnesota also means a trip to the Minnesota Zoo!

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QUEEN + Adam Lambert in St. Paul 2017

Saw Queen + Adam Lambert last Friday in Minnesota and it was incredible from start to finish! My half hour struggle to purchase tickets when they first went on sale became the luckiest moment ever when my just okay floor seat 21 rows back ended up being FRONT ROW at the end of the stage’s catwalk! I have never been front row for a show of this caliber before, and definitely have not been front row for anything Adam Lambert related in spite of my best efforts (seriously I was once first in line for GA and still ended up three or four rows back) so this was a very special treat. And it made my little photographer’s heart very happy to be able to knock out some shots without a bunch of phone screens blocking the views.

And at one point Adam actually stopped to tell me he liked my shirt. To an entire sold out arena! WHAT?! Talk about a highlight for life! So pleased someone else caught it on video so I can relive that moment on the daily. I’ve always joked that we have an eerily similar taste in fashion so it was nice to have that thought somewhat confirmed lol.

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Queen + Adam Lambert
July 14, 2017
XCEL Energy Center
St Paul, Minnesota

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