Creature Feature – Rocky Mountain Goat


New creature feature in honor of the Black Hills mountain goat population survey coming up next weekend. If you’re in the area (or are looking for a last minute roadtrip) and are interested in volunteering for the survey visit for more info.

Oreamnos americanus
Range: primarily the Rocky Mountains and Cascade Range
Height: about 3.5 feet at the shoulder
Weight: 100 to 300 pounds
Lifespan: 9 to 13 years in the wild. Up to 20 years in captivity.

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Fisherman Flats to French Creek


Today I thought I’d share a little section of trail we discovered recently just off the beaten path of Wildlife Loop Road in Custer State Park. Typically used as an alternative route for a horseback riding trail to Mount Coolidge, this short jaunt begins on Fisherman Flats Road and brings you down to the shore of French Creek. While only 1.25 miles roundtrip, a rocky outcrop along the trail gives aerial views of the creek.

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